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September 4, 2020

The internet is a reflexion of worldly concerns, ploys, strategies

GOD should not be absent. In our witness. HE is <I Am> The God of Abraham, Isaäk and Jacob Höre Länder Shmah Israel !

Foot note some unpublished/draft material there.

<Let go of the dross in your lives>

A Drink Of Water

June 9, 2020

Tu vois cette eau, lave-toi dedans et bois-en. Do you see this water₁ Drink of it and wash yourself in it.

Suppose I were to experience an apparition of Mary and she said, ….. “

Suppose I were to experience an apparition of Mary and she said, “The Son was sent by the Father and came into the world as the Redeemer of humanity. The work of redemption was the Cross.” Would this pass the test of 1 John 4:3?

I can only answer you, for myself, in this way.

Bernadette Soubirou a young illiterate girl around 1850 saw an apparition on a number of occasions. Her life was changed thereafter. What was communicated?

Ecoutez mon fils. Listen ₁ to my son

Stage One of the Rocket Launch

Priez. Il y aura beaucoup de guerres  Pray there shall be wars

The Whole Counsel of GOD Stage Two After Launch

Tu vois cette eau, lave-toi dedans et bois-en.Do you see this water ₁ Drink of it and wash yourself in it.

Pray, and do not leave off

Intercede for His Bride, yourself, those you have loved, those He has put close to you, and far.

Now as to your question 1 John 4.3, at surface it would appear so. But we do not walk by natural sight. What is the biblical substance, the whole Counsel of GOD ?

In accordance with my understanding of the bible and the Letter to the Ephesians chptrs. 4 and 5, I feel, that the need of verification imposed on us for thàt prophecy have been satisfied.

The only thing, anyone integer, verify the dates and times these were ’recorded.’ and allegedly happened. And if possible also state your findings here, if possible 🙂 ! I myself must run with this. From cupper plaques in a garden on the heights above and to the East of Namur (ancien hopital; when there visiting in 2002, psychiatric wing of the hospital of Namur)

Note: When i sinned and did not believe, I don’t remember having read this in books on Bernadette S.

Grounds of Research, on the matter:

_What evidence is there from GOD’s Word in such an occurrence. The whole Counsel of God.

_What proof is there in and from the ‘prophet’s life,’ and those so impacted.

Jesus’ word to us John 5:

God’s Church is not divided, _neither by theology, nor if all is well by how we behave and ‘bring forth’ matters of faith. She, the Bride, is One in Him. All this needs diligence= constant care and effort.

a man ° the works I do/ ° the Father ° the Scriptures °

HE gave me to do

Ungenehmigtes Verhalten

May 19, 2020

Die Menschen die in dieser Welt leben, wissen genau, auch solche die kein Glauben haben im Sinne des Briefes an den Roemern 1.

Weil der vergängliche Mensch, geneigt sei seine Suenden mehr zu lieben als denjenige der uns von unsre Suenden befreit, oder die Kraft der Suende ueber und in unsren Leben ausbricht, zerbricht <Nimitz> , wird dass wohl halten bis Ende der ersten Stufe des Raketenabschuss der Schoepfung, Teil Eins. Die Liebe hat die Suende gefasst und nicht mehr <losgelassen>.

Das im heutigen wissenschaftlichen Bereich, passiert mit brutem Kraft. Lift off ! 1. Brief an den Korinthern 15. Diese Sterne sehen seine Schuelern aehnlich aus, habe ich mir immer gedacht, Na ja, seit diesem gluecklichenTag 1994. Und du?


Fußnoten   [1] brut – Wiktionary

Jesjoea Isus Jesus, Die Religion der Menschen ist nie Gottfreundlich gewesen, wie erwiesen in der Zeit dieser Mensch, denn auf Erden. Und bleibt auch heute so.

Gott selber wann Er Ihn sand, hat ein Laborexpirment gefasst, wo eine Gruppe nicht mitgenommen wird in der Untersuchung, oder Studium, aber observiert. Dass heisst Objektivität.

Sowie Kirchgemeinschäfte menschlich sind, und nicht alles willen und denken, dasjenige dass Er heute von uns allem fragt.

En ‘stokerij’ (nl) (cf. <de> ‘schüren’), ist alles schon immer Teil gewesen von was Menschen, und diesen hinten ihn, planen, denken, auzusuchen vermögen. Inklusiv Provokationen.

Auch Tiere, Pferde zeigen dieses Benehmen zu einander. Ist dass von den Sünden der Menschen aus hergekommen, und wird er es also ein andere Zeit geben in der menschliche Geschichte eines Tages?

Jesaja 11 und andere Stätte in Jesaja, und sonstwo

Schöner Beispiel: Seine Gefühle beeinflussen sein späteres Verhalten.

De zuigeling voelt goed aan of hij met angst of soepelheid wordt vastgehouden. Das deutsche hier ist mehr radikal als das niederländische, so wie es ausgesagt wird. Das n. lässt mehr Möglichkeiten in diesem Fall. Interessant ob es sich hier handelt om eine niederländische Uebersetzung, oder umgekehrt. Mit dank, Reverso Kontext

Ich dachte auch an die Worte ‘ungenehmigtes Verhalten’, für mich ‘ongepast gedrag’.

Of Trees, and Apples and Men

May 5, 2020
From one
      Jack Smor,

How can I dwarf a tree?

 …  this is a fair question. Though I wonder about the very nature of this question, _as i hope others shall

But that is probably what has been done or attempted, from the beginning of all this: (1992- ).

Try and isolate t’ poor bugger in a pot, containing as little soil as possible.

Now failure may yet meet such endeavours. For it’s difficult to limit access to fertile ground, or soil in some situations; and in turn, pruning requires skill. Oftwhile some men tend to deride GOD, as they do His people <marescha.> This is why He always has chosen men and women, and a people; at one time <hebrew,> [= ‘over there’]; as well as from all peoples and people groups around the world.

Do you happen, people, to remember the dwarfs locked into the hut by a ‘Tashlan’ believing young officer. The children see the open star lit sky, and are full of wonder, the dwarfs pine under the delusion that all they have before them is muck and spoilt food. The philistine never were or are able to see it. If spoiling there has been it has wholly been done by men, i can confidently re-assure you all. From ‘Narnia’ ‘The Last Battle’ C.S. Lewis.

Your opposition in this is immense, as you shall perceive. Moreover, i pray it is not just ‘opposition.’ Much better, it is to have a vision from GOD and to be entrusted with His Trust and Faithfulness, than that which might be coming out of _ just men, separate from His Will and Purpose. In French, the latter may rightfully be described as ‘le Néant.’

Also published elsewhere, Thank you for the question. Guard what is precious, hold it dearly, And let go of the dross in your lives. You do not want it to go with you beyond the bounds of this life into eternity, it is not worth it.   [1]

Footnotes  Fourth Book of Moses 11: 29; Judges 9: 7-13; Read on from there; as you may wish

On Cancer of the Colon Testing A The Guardian Article

August 6, 2019
  • vegdoc 


    Alas, the one thing this nice lady does not address is *diet.* And even what Americans term “clean” eating isn’t. The ingestion of all animal products is linked to cancer and heart disease. Particularly processed meats. I counsel my patients on this on a daily basis. Particularly African American patients.

    Data coming out of REGARDS clearly shows that the reason African Americans do worse with the same diseases is diet–a diet forced on slaves and then turned into delicacies. Decolonizing diet, returning to a whole foods plant based diet is your best bet for good health.

    A plant based diet *changes gene expression* (turning on anticancer and anti inflammatory genes, and turning off procancer and pro inflammatory genes). It also changes the gut microbiome such that you can make TMAO–one of the first steps in heart disease, and also colorectal cancer.

    I see patients reverse type 2 diabetes and heart disease, sleep apnea, inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatalogic diseases and more in my practice every day. By switching to WFPB diets.

    • 45

      Evidence? Not anecdotes about people you know, but actual evidence. Large scale randomised control trials, preferably meta analysese, published in reputable scientific journals. You are making very specific, testable claims. There must be evidence to back that up, or of course you wouldn’t make them.

      So far as I am aware, an appropriately planned vegan or vegetarian diet can be healthy for all life stages, as stated by both the British Dietetic Association, the American Dietetic Association and the Academy of Nutrition and dietetics. However, it is not appropriate to claim that these diets can cure diseases without evidence.

  • 1516

    ‘Having never smoked or drunk and with no family history of cancer, I had no reason to think I would be at risk of developing colon cancer. At 50, I take no medications, have normal blood pressure, and walk five or more miles a day,’

    It’s awful for people receiving a cancer diagnosis to think back over their lifestyle to see if they were at fault. This seems to be happening more and more. Cancer is a misfortune not a crime, and occurs randomly amongst otherwise healthy people. It could also be down to environmental factors which have not yet been identified. Yet the health industry would have us believe it’s all down to personal lifestyle choices.
    I wish the writer well for the future.



    In Belgium, where I live, the hemoccult test ‘Preventive Cancer of the Colon Test’ is used standard both sides of the country. I suspect that it may not be reliable enough _Positive, or negative reading (‘negative’ for the presence of blood in the stool, being ‘the desired outcome’). But the Detector C test is not standard available, though on the basis of what I found on the internet, might be a better, more reliable test? A colonoscopy is therefore only done amongst high risk profile candidates, there being further grounds to do so.


    And small excerpt from the Guardian Article

    CRC is one of the deadliest, yet most avoidable, cancers. While not exact, colon cancer seems to run on a continuum. Nearly all colon cancer starts out as a non-cancerous polyp, which can be removed before the development of an invasive malignancy. Once cancer is present, the less advanced the cancer, the more likely one is to be cured. My early-stage tumor was removed with a margin of normal cells and only one lymph node was involved, which means I’m cancer-free with little chance of a recurrence. I will live. But life for me now includes a short chemotherapy regimen and a lifetime of regular blood work and CT scans.

    Scientists estimate that it takes 10 years for a polyp to become cancerous, so had I been tested at 45, I probably could have avoided a cancer diagnosis altogether. Who knows? Had I not put my colonoscopy off for six months while enjoying the winter holidays and a spring trip to Europe, perhaps there would’ve been no lymph node involvement thus no recommendation for chemotherapy. These things notwithstanding, I am filled with gratitude. Because Kim shared her story, mine continues.

    • Yolanda Young is the president and executive director of Lawyers of Color and the publisher of Dorpie Books


June 7, 2019

What is the spiritual meaning of rod and staff in Psalm 23:4?

Harry De Boom, Missionary (2000-present)

Answered just now

To begin with, shall work here from memory. Isaiah speaks of ‘der Stab der Freundlichkeit’ staff or rod. This immediately takes me to the Gate ‘the Beautiful’ Acts 3, where John and Peter in the Spirit and in the flow of the teaching of Jesus, raise a paralysed or lame man to his feet who walks _and leaps, for the first time. The English takes the first as the Rod of Bonds and the Rod of …  Isaiah _nkjv. Someone remind me.

Rod or staff must be seen as Authority. Or also Word, evidently. This we see in 2 Samuel 7.14, ‘the rod of men.’ We also see the rod appearing in the life of Judah in his dealings with what he “reckons” must be a prostitute. (Written up by another contributor) But is in effect his daughter in law Tamar who shall give birth later to Perez and his twin brother. She has a more faithful interpretation in her life in what the Law means in her state of widowhood and yet young and childless from his two deceased young sons. Moses too has his staff and rod ‘issues’ with the Egyptian magicians, and seperates the Sea of reeds (prophecy, also toward today’s future?!).

God’s Word is Power and Authority, ‘Rod.’ We have this strange coincidence in the Scottish language where ‘rood’ from memory speaks of the Cross. Presumably as in HolyRood (Edinburgh). The even stranger coincidence of ‘rood’ being so close to the English ‘road.’ Couldn’t miss, makes me think about I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life, as it does with you, I am sure.

Your taking verse 4 from Psalm 23 speaks to me of the reassurance of HisWord, His very Faithfulness. ‘Ta houlette et Ton baton me rassurent’ in the French of Louis Segond.    God’s Word is close to Him, and to those who believe onto Yeshua the Son, Messiah.        HE cannot deny His very being, Who HE is. His Word is faithful and steadfast.

Do not forget any word of His, spoken forth to you in other circumstances. HE is Faithful, full of grace and favour (repetition). Patient with us <lovingkindness> <longsuffering>.

You and I know that we are loved.

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Harry De Boom

Original Author ·


Strange this insistence now of Quora (moderators) to ask for more credentials. And when they are here entered, they are persistently ignored (strong American bias in its labelling, which I thought I’d overcome successfully). Still, the movement and associated organisations known ‘in the field’ by christian followers throughout the United Kingdom.

More as to unprepared messengers _Proverbs 16 and 17, Prov. 13: 17

April 28, 2019

God & Religion

A trusted writer on the ins and outs of the workings of the  brain wrote the following write up of a newly published book:
It is important to maintain a distinction between religion and God. Typically, the two concepts are conflated. A previous healthy memory post, God & Homo Sapiens, drew from a book by Reza Azlan titled “God: A Human History.” This book provides an exhaustive review of evidence for religions from, at least, the earliest humans, through the development of the large religious organizations that exist today. Azlan makes a compelling argument that the belief in the soul as separate from the body is universal. Moreover, he argues that it is our first belief, far older than our belief in God, and that it is this belief in the soul that begat our belief in God.
It is reasonable to assume that there were humans who believed in God that predated religions. There are even data that support the notion that neanderthals had religious beliefs. It is likely that the earliest groups of humans had religious leaders. HealthyMemory has wondered about the souls of people who existed before organized religions. What happens to them?  [….]
Given that the size of our universe is still unknown as we are still waiting for light to reach us, it is likely that there are other species in this universe who are more intelligent than homo sapiens. It is unlikely that man has been made in God’s image. God is a spiritual entity of unknown form. Indeed, in pantheism God is omnipresent throughout the universe.
HM always wanted to believe in God, but he could never join a church because his thinking is governed by the law of Parsimony, and that law says to take the simplest explanation that explains the phenomena. What he disliked was that religions required one to believe. HM thinks that God gave us brains for thinking. not believing. It is men who tell us to believe so that they can govern us.
HM finds the Dalai Lama as the most impressive religious individual alive on earth. He is a Buddhist, but like other religions, there are different sects. The Buddhists who are attacking the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar living in Bangladesh are the antithesis of Buddhism. Although reincarnation is a central tenet in Buddhism, when asked if one needed to believe in reincarnation to be a Buddhist, the Dalai Lama answered “No.” All that was required is that one should love fellow humans and provide service to them. The Dalai Lama sends his priests to study science. He uses science to inform his religion. Unfortunately, too many religions are at war with science and fight science.
HM believes that we can communicate directly with God. During meditation there is a blissful state where one feels that he is in contact with his creator. So via meditation and contemplative prayer religions can be circumvented.
Understand that HM is not arguing against religions. If one has comfort in a religion that person should follow that religion, but not uncritically. Christians need to see if the preachings are in accordance with the gospels, rather than the old testament or parts of the new testament that are not gospels.
To learn more about meditation, begin with the relaxation response. You need to go to the main page of the healthy memory blog (by entering
https://healthymemory.wordpress.cominto your browser.) Search for “relaxation response”. The next topic to search for is “loving kindness meditation”.
© Douglas Griffith and, 2019. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Douglas Griffith and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.  Quoted here almost in full, For it would appear necessary to get a proper understanding of what is being said
  • Note, as to the one but last paragraph in the article:
    Only the uninformed, indeed the uneducated or the propagandist desires to see Jesus, Yeshua as somehow ‘standing on his own.’ What He did was rather more to the point. Don’t confuse philosophical reasonings with anything like truthful living before GOD. True religion.    

      Some storms are of God, Not of men, ‘Overcoming Storms’ (Probably a Google Plus publication)

    teaching sharing, receiving  °  this is the Day of the towers
    Proverbs 13:17 reminds us in no unclear terms that
    _A messenger well prepared (having received his or her teaching from God, having been God trained) is a blessing to all around him, (Genesis 12), But, indeed one not so prepared is no source of blessing to others nor to him -or herself, But he is ‘under a cloud;’ the origin of which expression can be found here.      

    Un messager bien formé [dans les choses de Dieu] est une bénédiction pour tous autour de lui, Mais quelqun pas ainsi est et reste lui-même sous ‘le malheur’ c-à-d.:  incapable d’aider les autres et encore moins lui-même.

    • lanniewelleven Strange matter this humanity found in philosophy and in the end in what is no more than esotherics. Once examined a Dictionary of Esotherics. Was able to arrest my examination upon finding the Capital A sign upsidedown defined as ‘Mental disorder.’ Needed no more than that, the rest appeared almost irrelevant. Can I just be a christian_ that is a pupil of Yeshua, Please.

    Also found on Quora which has an approach to questions …   Why is a religion without Jesus Christ futile?

    Moderators’ statement:
    This question should be phrased with neutral and sincere language
    This question’s wording makes it seem like a joke, or intended rhetorically to make a statement, rather than looking for helpful answers. It should be rewritten to be a neutral, non-leading question. See Quora’s policies on questions.
    Yet another exchange on the topic, elsewhere went like this:
    Where I commented upon his text as follows: _There, the writer writes out of a philosophical perspective and is not treating the word read there as prophetic and for the instruction of at one time the Hebrew people _’over there’ or across the River. Moses’ stories were accumulated and collected over time and only written down later we are told. The prophetic spirit implies that men _and women were inspired of God and spoke forth and it was written down accordingly. They did not have to belong to the same time piece, but indeed wrote in the same spirit addressing closely connected issues. Which is why they were regrouped in the same book.
    God speaks to His people throughout time. The first explanation looks good. The other interpretations are of a philosophical order. On the whole a responsible rendering given above.
    Quoting: “In one story heaven was created and that’s when a sole God created the Angels. The Angels were humans.”
    Angelos in the Greek means ‘messengers,’ they are God’s chosen, a people set apart. I seem to remember that the word ‘ekklesia’ has a similar meaning; some of the Hebrew words speak in the same sense.’ [Qodesh, or A set apart Tabernacle of GOD’s building; ‘set apart Temple’]

    ——–   Do you interpret the entire Bible literally? If not how do you determine which parts to understand literally?

    Shall add here my own:

    _Yes;                                                                                                                                  (Though to be complete, we should talk about different aspects. Enough there for more than one book, or One Book as a matter of course 🙂     );

    _GOD’s Guidance and Providence (the latter expression come to us from the 16th-17th Centuries loaded with meaning). Shall add title of book on this subject from that time here;

    _And finally or last for now, my cultural setting, which includes science, and my limited understanding of àll, All the ins and outs of the many sciences that today serve us or as the case me be don’t. That is where our culturally _no doubt _biased personal evaluation comes into it too. But for a man or woman not too naïve, a little educated with all the further limitations that may impose upon us, that should suffice for present purposes. 😉 The Bible is a matter of Word (objectivity ° printed ) and Spirit, and I should hope and pray not just “my own.” Though I do recall a puppeteer getting his artifact out of the boot of a car (1996), seemingly accusing me in his fashion and verbally appearing to suggest that is al we christians ever do. Inner cities are great places for an unbiased exchange, or must I say ‘uninhibited’.

Eye Witness accounts _And Editing

April 17, 2019

Mark Hamill  Actor

How and why would Luke have edited Mark 14:3–9 when contrasted with Luke 7:36–50?

Quora writer answers

Was bedeutet dir Religion? (Hier wiederhergestellt)

April 3, 2019

Was bedeutet Dir Religion?

Die Anbetung Gottes, OR Glorifying GOD in all circumstances. Mashdam ALLAH.  (Arabic)

Ihn in all Seiner Herrlichkeit dienen. Und diesen können wir nur in Iesus machen, weissen wir Christen, ‘Jûnger Christi’. 🙂

Die Definition von Leonardo Boff für das Wort Theologie: ‘die Syntax und Grammatik der Glaubenslehr, – oder des Glaubens.
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… autre langue a ete utilisee que l’allemand et de ce ‘fait’ la reponse mise dans l’ombre par les administrateurs du site. Und daher ausgeblendet. Na Ja!   Ausgearbeiteter Beitrag Hier:

Verherrlichung: Wann wir die Herrlichkeit Gottes anschauen, erkennen, sehen wollen in Yeshua (auf Deutsch?) Johannes 17 _Dies redete Jesus und hob seine Augen auf zum Himmel und sprach: Vater die Stunde ist gekommen; verherrliche deinen Sohn, damit der Sohn dich verherrliche, wie Du ihm Vollmacht gegeben hast ueber alles Fleisch, dass er allen die Du ihm gegeben hast, ewiges Leben gebe.

… und diese sind in der Welt, und ich komme zu Dir. Heiliger Vater! Bewahre sie in deinem Namen, den Du mir gegeben hast, dass sie eins sind wie wir. … V. 11 u.w. … Auf Niederlaendisch sowie ich mich erinnere ‘Ich habe mich Ihr gewidmet, um ihrer Willen (der Kindern), (Vers ? …. ). _ Bemerkenswert, am Anfang jedes Kapittel 3. Buch Moses _YHWH sprak tot Moses, Spreek tot de kinderen van Israël … Auf Deutsch wird dasselbe ausgesagt _ Und der HERR redete zu Mose: Rede zu den Söhnen Israel und sage … . So geht’s fast jedes Kapitel.

Also .. Die Anbetung Gottes unter allen Umständen, OR Glorifying GOD in all circumstances (Englisch), Mashdam ALLAH (auf Arabisch). Ihn in all Seiner Herrlichkeit dienen. Und dies können wir nur in Iesus machen, weissen wir Christen, ‘Jûnger Christi’. 🙂

Die Definition von Leonardo Boff für das Wort Theologie: ‘die Syntax und Grammatik (der Glaubenslehr, oder) des Glaubens’.


March 17, 2019

Pourquoi les juifs acceptent qu’Israël fasse à ses voisins ce que les nazis ont fait aux juifs, à savoir se considérer dominateur ?   A different place on the internet…   WALTZ WITH BASHIR – Trailer[1]  publié sur Google +  tel    Pinned down but not eliminated

La guerre ce n’est pas quelque chose de rigolo. Lis tout Proverbes au sujet de la guerre. Tu ne trouveras … 

 La guerre ce n’est pas quelque chose de rigolo. Lis tout Proverbes au sujet de la guerre. Tu ne trouveras pas grande chose mais quand-même qq.chose(s). 

Fais-le d’un pas mesuré. Car autrement la lecture risque de ne pas te bénéficier. 

Il y a une époque, pas que je me suis posé la question, mais je l’ai commentée de ‘ma façon’ à nombre de reprises. Et c’est clair  

ce n’est pas normal, ni naturel 

Personnellement je crois que la guerre faite, si nécessaire, par quelqu’un de très paisible est préférable de loin à ce que nous observons aujourd’hui partout dans le monde. Je vois en ce qui me concerne des dominations lesquelles vont chercher leurs raisons et motivation dans la guerre et la sexualité (fort liées probablement dans toute l’histoire), Mais aujourd’hui cela a pris une drôle d’envergure on dirait …,  et les alliances et ‘les forteresses’ ‘. Pour moi aujourd’hui ‘des pilliers’ (de la franc-maçonnerie), et des politiques menées. 

 Le sauvetage, ou plutôt l’accueil d’une personne dans d’autres circonstances que celles de 

9 minutes dans la deuxième vidéo 

est plus compliquémais je crois préférable à toutes ces autres ‘moyens’. En le faisant pourtant tu risques d’y perdre la vie ou celle de tes enfants ou de ta famille _même que progressivement. Alors dans ce cas t’auras pas beaucoup de fans. 

Alors, les choix sont là devant nous, pas toujours, et dans la vie quotidienne de façon aussi dramatique ou concourantes comme montré en Waltz with Bashir. Trouvez l’image de Bashir à la dérive avec son arme automatique au milieu du square entouré d’haut bâtiments, et de snipers …  . 


Pourquoi les juifs acceptent qu’Israël fasse à ses voisins ce que les nazis ont fait aux juifs, à savoir se considérer dominateur ? 

Pas encore de réponse · Suivi dernièrement il y a 2 h 


La guerre ce n’est pas quelque chose de rigolo. Lis tout Proverbes au sujet de la guerre. Tu ne trouveras pas grande chose mais quand-même qq.chose(s). 

Fais-le d’un pas mesuré. Car autrement la lecture risque de ne pas te bénéficier. 

Il y a une époque, pas que je me suis posé la question, mais je l’ai commentée de ‘ma façon’ à nombre de reprises. Et c’est clair  

ce n’est pas normal, ni naturel 

Personnellement je crois que la guerre faitesi nécessaire, par quelqu’un de très paisible est préférable de loin à ce que nous observons aujourd’hui partout dans le monde. Je vois en ce qui me concerne des dominations lesquelles vont chercher leurs raisons et motivation dans ‘la guerre et la sexualité’ (fort liées probablement dans toute l’histoire), et ‘les alliances et ‘les forteresses’ ‘. Pour moi aujourd’hui ‘des pilliers’ (de la franc-maçonnerie) et des politiques menées 

Le sauvetageou plutôt l’accueil d’une personne dans d’autres circonstances que celles de  9 minutes dans la deuxième vidéo 

est plus compliquémais je crois préférable à toutes ces autres ‘moyens’. En le faisant pourtant tu risques d’y perdre la vie ou celle de tes enfants ou de ta familleAlors dans ce cas t’auras pas beaucoup de fans. 

Alors, les choix sont  devant nous, pas toujours, et dans la vie quotidienne de façon aussi dramatique ou concourantes comme montré en Waltz with Bashir.  

L’Israël de Yitzhak Rabin pour moi n’est pas la même que celle de “Arik” Sharon 

Cela doit être très difficile de faire la guerre tout(e) seul(e) 

La source de mon être la bible, la Parole de Dieu  et Son Esprit